Our Story

The Kapow Story

Kapow Kids Events was founded in 2013 by Swansea Evangelist Paul Davies
to develop events to help equip Churches including Holiday Clubs, Family Concerts & One Off Events.

Kapow One Day Events provide exciting and engaging events for all the family. A creative way to share the message of Jesus with Big Games, Messy Challenges, Songs, Craft & an exciting Bible Stories with a theme linking the session together such as Spies, Champions, or even Superheroes.

Ultimately at Kapow Kids Events. We Love:-

  • Jesus (He is the Centre Piece of all we do!)
  • Creative Storytelling (We want to tell stories that are memorable!)
  • Equipping the Church (We want to help & serve the local Church to outreach to families)

Kapow Kids Events are a great way for Churches to interact & serve their communities and is financially Faith-based by Kind Sponsors & Churches.

Find out more about Our Story or why not get in touch and book an event at your Church today.


My Story

I’m married to my best friend, and wife of 9 years, Laura. Currently living & working in Swansea with 2 1/2 year old Isaac and 7 month old Malachi

In 2001, God decided to change the life of a church-going, shy boy from Gorseinon, Swansea. Years of Sunday School and Church twice on a Sunday. Knowing all the answers, and in fact knowing all the questions too (!) But there was no real impact in my life, however after having a conversation online over MSN with someone I knew from the City-wide Church meeting. “You know the Gospel! You need to do something about it!” That bluntness hit me so hard – because I knew she was right. I knew what Jesus had done. He died on a brutal Roman cross and came back to life – to pay the price for sin and rebellion against God. I needed to stop asking questions, and putting off what I desperately needed to do – To say sorry to God for the things I had done, and ask Him to forgive me, and change me. I knew that night Jesus changed me. That guilt and shame I had been a like a weight being lifted off.

Since then, I have married and have grown to realise more and more what Jesus is doing in my heart. I have a burning desire to tell generations of families about the Good News of Jesus.