Christian Resources for Your Family

In the light of everything that is going on around our world. As we aren’t able to make together physically as a Church doesn’t mean we stop telling our children about Jesus.

We are also creating a weekly email resource for the family featuring a Bible Story, Song, Prayer, Colouring Sheets, Craft Ideas, and a competition. Sign Up today and receive the latest Kapow Bible Club on Sunday!

(It’s not an extensive list, and please feel free to share more.) Here are some great multi-media resources for you and your family to continue to discover the amazing truth of the Bible together.

Multi Media

Bible Adventures

From the Creators of Bible App for Kids . Available for Free on Youtube from Life.Church. Bible Adventure is a 20 minute video with great characters, songs, Bible verse and Bible Story. Great for under 5s. Think Nick Jr Show meets The Bible.

Allstars Kids Club

Launched in January 2020, Kids Club has an extensive array of teaching, worship, cartoons and drama videos for children of all ages…. And IT’S FREE! Wholesome Family Media with a Christian centre.

Amazon Prime (Various)

Free to Amazon Prime Members. There are A LOT of Christian Videos for the whole family including:-


All of the following are free and widely available on Android  and Apple devices

Guardians of Ancora

Guardians of Ancora is a new Bible based platform game by Scripture Union aimed at 9-11 year olds (though it’s also very playable for teenagers). Running across rooftops and ship masts and sliding down zip wires, you encounter stories about Jesus which helps to illuminate the spire at the centre of Ancora. The app is regularly updated with new stories, and there are no nasty In-App Purchases to worry about!

The Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids is made by the same people who make the ever-popular YouVersion Bible app. In my mind this is the best Bible app for the under 7s, though older children will enjoy it too. Kids will love the narrator-led Gospel-centred stories. There are plenty of hidden gems for the kids to discover and your child can read along on screen if they wish.


Based upon the excellent free Bible lessons for children produced by Bible Educational Services. This excellent resource will help Children to engage with the Bible with animation, challenges, tasks and star-system point.

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